South Dakota National Guard 24% Diesel Fuel Savings
Representative Supervising the Study: SSG Rosa, Carlos

The following study was done under the direction and supervision of the above-referenced S. D. National Guard Representative. FuelLIFT has been authorized to publish the results of this emissions test by SSG Rosa.

Three Vehicles Tested:
Make: Freightliner
Model M915A4
Engine Size and Type: 855 CID Cummins NTC-400

[one_third]Gas Tested
Hydrocarbons ppm
NOx pm

Average Improvement with FuelLIFT
2% increase
6% decrease
89.41% decrease
0.00 no change
11.12% decrease

Diesel fuel used by the above-referenced vehicles was #2. See attached log sheets for detailed reports. Summary is as follows:

3.7 m/p/g was the average baseline on all 3 vehicles.
Vehicles showed the following average per vehicle with the use of FuelLIFT:

Vehicle #338: 4.17m/p/g;
Vehicle #320: 4.65 m/p/g;
Vehicle #116: 4.98 m/p/g;

Average m/p/g for all vehicles was 4.60 m/p/g;
Average increase in m/p/g was .90 m/p/g.


Independent Long-Haul Trucker
“Like-New” Diesel Fuel Filter along with 20% Average Fuel Savings

After using FuelLIFT for 222,511 miles, the examined diesel fuel filter showed virtually no contamination or carbon deposition. The use of FuelLIFT results in incredibly clean, “like-new” diesel fuel filters saving thousands of dollars annually on top of the fuel savings!

Not realizing it was a high-mileage FuelLIFT-treated filter, the Cummins technicians analyzing it were perplexed as to why they were analyzing a “new” filter!


L & J Trucking LLC, Independent Trucking Company
19% Diesel Fuel Savings Using FuelLIFT

Testimonial Letter: “…I am writing to confirm the use of FuelLift in my vehicles. I have used FuelLift for approximately 4 years. The first truck I had was a Cummins ISX450 engine. FuelLift was used from day one and I always got excellent fuel mileage. The exhaust particulate filter was always clean. The first time checked at 220,000 miles with nothing in the filter. I ran that truck to 387,000 miles with no problems to the filter. The truck I am running now, has a Cummins ISX550 engine. Never really ran much in it for first 75,000 miles. I was getting terrible fuel mileage. Now I have gone back to FuelLift and in 2 weeks have seen at least a mile to the gallon increase in fuel mileage (from 5.2 to 6.2 mpg, a 19% increase).” — Lonnie Hall


Retail Grocer: SpartanNash Company
9.5% Average Fuel Savings

Direct quote from the company’s Fleet Manager:

“We participated in a case study on our semi-trailer trucks. We had an average fuel savings of 9.5% over our average baseline.”

“We now use FuelLIFT in our bulk fuel tank. After paying for the FuelLIFT product, we have calculated that we will experience a net savings of $2,160 per truck per year that we would otherwise have spent on fuel.”

Bowes Construction, Aggregates Industry
20% Diesel Fuel Savings

Direct quote from the owner of Bowes Construction:

“For several months, we tested FuelLIFT in a variety of our generators, stone crushers and diesel powered vehicles. Our average fuel savings came out at 20%. We’re a FuelLIFT customer now.”

Calculated annual diesel fuel consumption:
1 million gallons

Annualized diesel fuel savings with FuelLIFT:
20% or 200,000 gallons annually

Approximate net annual savings: $680,000